Joining a writing group

We have had lots of membership enquiries recently. The Byre Writers is based in St Andrews and the projects we have planned for 2022 mainly involve North East Fife residents.  If you live elsewhere in Fife, please consider joining Fife Writes. For those of you living elsewhere in Scotland, the following websites have details of writing groups:   Writing groups in Scotland - Scottish Book Trust Writing Groups in Scotland | Scottish Association of Writers

Book Week Scotland 15th-21st November

The programme for Book Week Scotland 2021 was launched on 12th October: The Byre Writers has a few events listed in the programme (see our events section for more information). In addition, Marianne and I (Kathryn) feature in this year's collection of true stories based on the theme Celebration. 50,000 copies of the book are about to be handed out across Scotland and we have also recorded our pieces for the audio book version. I am excited and terrified in equal measures!

Writing support groups starting in November

  The Byre Writers will organise monthly writing support group sessions which are open to anyone. The sessions will be facilitated by a member of the Byre Writers. Attendance at these does not make you a member of the Byre Writers. The focus will be on providing encouragement and support to writers. These sessions are not a taught course and, whilst writing prompts may be used, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Please be advised that the sessions will not lead to the production of an anthology or any other form of publicised work as the promotion of work for a public audience will be part of our projects.   The writing support group sessions will be via Zoom. Details are as follows:   Group   When? Cost Memoir writing support group (These sessions are for those who are currently writing a memoir only. Maximum of 2000 words to be submitted by midnight the Friday before the session. Provide context of the piece.)

Writing crime set in St Andrews -Saturday 20th November at 10.30am

As part of Book Week Scotland, we will be running an event at North East Fife Community Hub All welcome but tickets must be booked in advance by emailing Kathryn at Suggested donation of £1.   Marion Todd is a crime fiction novelist, currently working on the 6th book in the DI Clare Mackay series, set in St Andrews. A native of Dundee, early success saw her winning first prize in Family Circle magazine's short story competition and she began experimenting with a variety of genres before settling on crime fiction. Marion has also worked as a college lecturer, plantswoman and bar pianist, among other occupations, all providing rich fodder for her writing.   Marion will introduce us to her crime series and speak about the process of creating, researching and writing crime fiction based in a town we all know so well.   Marion Todd Writer | Facebook


 Please donate to help us to continue to run workshops and speaker sessions. 

Flash Fiction competition result

Many thanks to everyone who entered the Flash Fiction competition. Allison Symes judged the entries. I am pleased to announce that the winner is Suzanne Milne.  Why can’t you hear me?     She lies, straight and still, under sheets, parchment white. Tubes and leads anchor her to the world of the living. A heart beats; a chest rises and falls, its breath lost in the plethora of equipment. Waxen fingers rest against the clinical coverlet. Neither too hot nor too cold; neither dead nor alive – locked in limbo.   A voice, just out of reach, states the awful truth.   “Kinder to let her go.”   She wills her hand to move; her eyelids to blink. “I’m here.”   A click, then silence. “I’m still here,” she yells through silent lips. “Why can’t you hear me?”

From Page to Stage 2022

From Page to Stage, our annual showcase of work, will be held at the Byre Theatre's A B Paterson auditorium on Thursday 23rd June 2022 at 7pm. To see our previous From Page to Stage events, please go to our YouTube channel  Byre Writers - videos of From Page to Stage - YouTube