North East Fife Life project

 Watch our North East Fife Life films on our YouTube channel.

These films were part of a project that was funded by St Andrews Community Trust.

Service users and volunteers from North East Fife Community Hub attended writing workshops led by Rebecca Sharp, a Fife-based professional poet and playwright. Monologues based on themes important to the writers were created and then filmed by Krishna Patel of Theatre of Diversion. Unfortunately, Krishna did not complete the editing of the films, which led to a last-minute re-filming and editing session, just days before the premiere screening of the films at the Byre Theatre on Wednesday 27th April 2022. So, the films aren't perfect but a lot of love went into the writing of these pieces and all involved enjoyed the process. Huge thanks to the writers, Rebecca, the actors, and to my husband and children for their editing skills. I hope you enjoy watching the films. Kathryn Holme

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