Monthly writing support groups

The Byre Writers will organise monthly writing support group sessions which are open to anyone. The sessions will be facilitated by a member of the Byre Writers. Attendance at these does not make you a member of the Byre Writers. The focus will be on providing encouragement and support to writers. These sessions are not a taught course and, whilst writing prompts may be used, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Please be advised that the sessions will not lead to the production of an anthology or any other form of publicised work as the promotion of work for a public audience will be part of our projects.

Being a participant in our support groups also means you are invited to attend the sessions listed on the events page of our website for free. 

Please email Kathryn at to book a place and for details of how to pay and receive the Zoom codes. 


The writing support group sessions will be via Zoom. Details are as follows:




Memoir writing support group (These sessions are for those who are currently writing a memoir only. Maximum of 2000 words to be submitted by midnight the Friday before the session. Provide context of the piece.)

Third Monday of the month, 7.30pm-9pm

29th November 2021 (instead of 22nd)

20th December 2021

17th January 2022

21st February 2022

21st March 2022

18th April 2022


£10 for the period until 18th April 2022

Poetry/ short story writing support group

First Tuesday of the month, 2pm-4pm

2nd November 2021

7th December 2021

11th January 2022 (due to 4th being a holiday)

1st February 2022

1st March 2022

5th April 2022

£10 for the period until 5th April 2022


These sessions will be focused and there will be a structure to the sessions.

For the writers:

u Introduce your piece to the group. Why have you written it? Is it part of a longer piece of work? From a collection of pieces? For a competition?

u Which specific aspects would you like feedback on? E.g. plot, dialogue, character traits, imagery.


For the listeners:

u Be constructive with your feedback.

u Start with the positives- What worked well?

u Mood- could you see, hear, feel the place?

u Content- is it interesting, exciting? How could it be made more engaging?

                What is missing? Were there parts that were not clear?

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