Flash Fiction competition result

Many thanks to everyone who entered the Flash Fiction competition. Allison Symes judged the entries. I am pleased to announce that the winner is Suzanne Milne. 

Why can’t you hear me?



She lies, straight and still, under sheets, parchment white. Tubes and leads anchor her to the world of the living. A heart beats; a chest rises and falls, its breath lost in the plethora of equipment. Waxen fingers rest against the clinical coverlet. Neither too hot nor too cold; neither dead nor alive – locked in limbo.

 A voice, just out of reach, states the awful truth.

 “Kinder to let her go.”

 She wills her hand to move; her eyelids to blink.“I’m here.”

 A click, then silence.

“I’m still here,” she yells through silent lips.“Why can’t you hear me?”

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